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Hello, my name is Adam Mark, and thank you for visiting my portfolio. I was raised in North Iowa and I spent a great deal of my childhood playing with electronics. Everything from CB radios and scanners to TV's and computers. My curiousity of how they worked, helped me to develop and build usefull skills that I have today.

I went to Osage High School, and graduated in 2009. During my time there, I took every computer related class that was available to me, including Beginning Web Page Development, Media Development, and Perl Programing. I was also a part of the I.T. Club and we traveled to Ames, Iowa for a Cyber Security Competition.

After high school, I attended North Iowa Area Community College. While there, I studied web and graphic design. At NIACC, I learned a great deal more about web development. I also enhanced the skills I had prior. I gained a lot of respect for typography, how it can convey meaning without words. I also found that I have a passion for photography. I love experimenting with new ideas and finding the perfect angle. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words.

After NIACC, I was able to apply my skills at great job opportunity. I started to work for Artwear, in Charles City, Iowa. I began by being an assistant to the screen printer. Since that time, I have become the Graphic Artist, Screen Printer, and I also run the laser engraver. The laser engraver is a powerful machine, and has a lot of uses. I like making wedding glasses, because each set is always different and matches the taste of the customer. I really enjoy trying new ideas, and working with different kinds of materials to make a unique product for the customer. I also communicate with customers about their projects, including custom prints and embroidery. My goal, is making certain that the customer is 100% satisfied with the end result.